Diversity and Inclusion

We want employees who bring different perspectives and solutions to the table: The more diverse the workforce, the more comprehensive the skills and knowledge in our company. At MediaMarktSaturn, we create the conditions to ensure that every employee – regardless of ethnic origin, sexual identity, age, disability, religion or gender – has the same opportunities.

Accessibility, responsibility and fairness are established values of our corporate culture. For us, diversity is not a project, but an aspiration that we work on continuously. To achieve this, we have established cross-divisional working groups that develop effective measures and oversee them with a high level of commitment. One example is the following initiative.

“Women in Retail” initiative by MediaMarktSaturn

With the “Women in Retail” (WiR) initiative, MediaMarktSaturn, as a leading employer, aims to strengthen the position of women in retail. Our vision: We want to establish an equal share of women at all hierarchical levels throughout the company in the long term. To achieve this, the initiative focuses on two pillars: equality in terms of the quantitative share, working conditions and pay on the one hand, and the acquisition, development and retention of female leaders on the other. We have defined yearly targets we want to achieve on a corporate as well as a country level. We continuously measure ourselves against these.